Elizabeth George's characters spring to life in this series of mysteries from the BBC and PBS.

FROM THE SET: An interview with Elizabeth George
Elizabeth is interviewed on the set of A Great Deliverance. 
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Elizabeth visited the set during the filming and reported back on her thoughts concerning the translation of her characters and novel onto the screen.  
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Everyone has their own ideas of what Elizabeth's characters look like.  Now take a peek at their on-screen appearances. Click here.

You can now see locations and scenes featured in this exciting  production of A GREAT DELIVERANCE. To view the images, click here.

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Sharon Small plays Detective 
Sergeant Barbara Havers.
Anthony Calf plays 
forensic scientist 
Simon St. James
Amanda Ryan plays 
Deborah St. James

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Emma Fielding plays 
Lady Helen Clyde

Nathanial Parker plays 
Detective Inspector 
Thomas Lynley

Photographs are 
the property of the BBC.

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Elizabeth and producer 
Ruth Baumgarten
on location during the filming

Father Hart finds 
Roberta with the 
body of her father

Sergeant Havers at home,
trying to decide what to 
do about Mum

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Photographs are 
the property of the BBC.

Lynley questions 
Stepha Odell

Photographs are 
the property of the BBC.

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