"Pure entertainment from its insidious beginning to its gripping end."
-- The Washington Post Book World

"With a lyric sense of language and a cinematic eye for detail, George has constructed a truly fascination story."
-- Chicago Sun-Times

"Ambitious and exotic…The climax is startling and disturbing…An exciting debut."
-- The Times, London

"This is about as satisfying as murder mysteries come."
-- Daily News, New York

"An astounding first novel...Lynley seems certain to become, in future volumes, one of the great characters of crime fiction."
-- The Toronto Star

"Exceptionally assured and impressive…highly entertaining."
-- Newsweek

"George is the most exciting new talent to debut in years, a born storyteller who spins a web of enchantment that captures the reader and will not let him go."
-- The San Diego Union

"This is a first novel of extraordinary scope and power and a stunning debut for a writer from whom we'll surely hear more."
-- The Denver Post

"A Great Deliverance works beautifully on many levels…This is a big book, long and rich in characterization."
-- Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Daily Times
Impressive Debut
Starred Review
Chicago Sun Times
Gore, gossip and gracefulness
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Denver Post
Flaws don't detract 
from a stunning debut
by Tom and Enid Schantz
Washington Post
She-dunit, the First Time Out by Michele Slung
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