Suspense Magazine
"The plotlines are abundant and only Inspector Lynley’s prowess and his very smart friends will uncover the truth under this wealthy family’s web of lies. A complete A+ for the mystery realm."
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The Seattle Times
“ Whidbey Island resident Elizabeth George is a superstar of the crime-fiction world, British Inspector Division. Deservedly so: Her tales always provide nuanced character studies and insights into social issues along with their intricate mysteries”
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The Wall Street Journal
“Ms. George, as ever, writes a long and complicated book, with a multiplicity of subplots and a richness of physical detail… Meanwhile, the story strands are untied and retied in satisfying and often moving ways.”
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The Richmond Times Dispatch
“Elizabeth George is a writer of immense power, keen intelligence and profound sensitivity.”
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The Ann Arbor News
“New Inspector Lynley Novel impossible to put down.”
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