"There is a mad scramble here at The Denver Post when the newest Elizabeth George mystery comes in. We fight over it' outright thefts off people's desks are not unknown; we fall on our knees and beg to borrow it. Her latest…is a winner, especially if you're a fan of Sgt. Barbara Havers, who comes into her own."
-- The Denver Post

"Compelling and complex…All sorts of secrets and surprises figure into the well-wrought narrative, but what one remembers of a George book are not the mysteries of plot but those of character."
-- The Orlando Sentinel

"George's story is compelling and complicated, on that avoids facile moralizing on a subject of real human importance."
-- Austin American-Statesman

"Recommended reading for…those mystery readers who look for moral dilemmas and psychological issues as well as murder mystery for their entertainment."
-- Star Tribune, Minneapolis

"George's novels are complex, stylishly written and delve deeply into the human psyche…Wonderful reading."
-- Orange Coast

"This rich, engrossing novel portrays a contemporary England that's culturally complex and simmering with tension…George keeps an unrelenting grip on her readers."
-- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"George doesn't' disappoint…Don't think you'll easily flush out the villain here…George manipulates the giant cast and manifold subplots with her usual aplomb…[An] intelligent, finely nuanced performance."
-- Booklist

"Elizabeth George is one of the best writers of British mysteries on the current book scene, even though she's an American. Her absolute mastery of the genre is evident."
-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

USA Today
  "George's rich blend of crime, culture and class."  by Matt Roush
The Kansas City Star
By George, She's American!
by Lynn Carey
Part 1 Part 2


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