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Careless In Red by Elizabeth George
Reviewed by Stephanie Padilla

Itís only been a short while since New Scotland Yard DS Thomas Lynleyís pregnant wife was senselessly murdered on the street by a gun-wielding 12 year old. And having spent nearly 7 lonely, heartbroken weeks walking Cornwallís coastal sea paths, Lynley is looking more like a homeless vagabond than the wealthy and privileged man DS he once was. So itís no surprise when after discovering a body at the bottom of a cliff, heís one of the first suspects when itís realized the fall was not an accident.

As soon as the locals discover who he is, heís dropped as a suspect and asked to unofficially aide in the case, a request he hesitantly agrees to. But as he starts digging into the background of the mysterious woman who he stumbled onto shortly after finding the body, heíll find himself not only drawn into uncovering the many secrets she seems to be hiding, but heíll also find himself being drawn back into the land of the living as well. But sheís not the only suspect on the list, or the only one with something to hide, because this small town is brimming over with secrets and long hidden resentments, and for one in particular, a justifiable reason to exact revenge through murder.

As always, George provides a suspenseful and challenging tale filled with comprehensive insights into her characterís lives. A master at defining the motivations and emotions that are being played out deep underneath the surface, she again justifies her place as one of the top writers in psychological suspense. This is more than just a simple tale of murder, itís also a provocative look at the dynamics that exist between parents and children throughout each otherís lives; the regrets and pre-defined roles that seem to cycle through the generations, regardless of the best intentions to do it all differently. Additionally, fans of her previous DS Lynley novels will find themselves liking this wonderfully drawn character even more than before, his heartbreak and compassion making him only that much more human. A must read for fans of any genre; this stirring tale of murder, regrets, revenge, and the family ties that drive them all will easily satisfy even the most discerning reader.

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