"If you've never read one of…Elizabeth George's elegant, meticulously plotted Scotland Yard murder mysteries, then In the Presence of the Enemy would be an absolutely capital place to start…In the Presence of the Enemy demonstrates that she is no mere genre writer, but a novelist of the first rank."
-- The Atlanta Constitution

"One of the best writers of classic British mystery novels today…[Elizabeth George] shows her complete mastery of the genre-equal to that of P.D. James and Ruth Rendell…in her new book…Her best to date."
-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Those willing to descend into Elizabeth George's chilling world of kidnap, murder and blinding ambition will find the journey as rewarding as it is disturbing."
-- Amarillo Sunday News-Globe

"Powerful and thought-provoking…a compelling page-turner…Beyond the whodunit there lies a greater story, which George weaves together with a master's touch. A 'master of storytelling at the peak of her powers'? Maybe there's truth in book-jacket advertising after all."
-- The Orange County Register

"One of the best whodunits to come along in years…Elizabeth George has produced both a masterful mystery and a compelling character study."
-- Lexington Herald-Leader

"George…brings warmth and wit to her take on Britain's politicians, top players and policemen, where class is suppose not to matter but can't always be ruled out."
-- The Hartford Courant

"I wouldn't miss an Elizabeth George novel…There simply aren't many detective novelists today who can write a scene of great brutality at one moment…and at another write the tenderest of love scenes."
-- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A rich, full novel propelled by a well-plotted mystery. The investigation, the mounting suspense, the tension, the subtle clues-it's all there, done by a master…And, while this novel stands on its own and should be a delight for a first-time George reader, for fans who have followed Tommy Lynley, Lady Helen and Simon and Deborah St. James through the years, the continuation of their intermingled stories is a rich bonus.
-- Winston-Salem Journal

Wall Street Journal
BOOKSHELF: Suspicious Fatalities
by Tom Nolan
Los Angeles Times
"Complex Characters Are 
Ultimate Salvation of George's 'Sinner'"
by Margo Kaufman
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